Discussion 2 – initial thoughts


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You have started working in ALEKS and in weeks 1 and 2 focused on the Course Readiness objective and the Consumer Math 1 objective. 

  • How comfortable are you using ALEKS to learn the topics on your learning path? 
  • What tools or resources within ALEKS have been effective in helping you master the week 1 and week 2 topics? 
  • Using these directions can you see your percentage of learned topics in each open objective?
    • Click the 3 horizontal bars on left side of ALEKS screen
    • Click on Reports
    • Then Current Objective 
    • Then View Full Report
  • How did your initial time management plan work out?  Did you need to make adjustments? 
  • Is your confidence level at being able to do math rising from when you signed up for the course?  
    • If so – what is contributing to that rise?  
    • If not – what additional support do you need?