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“Post an executive summary INTERPRETATION of the hurdles faced, solutions, and lessons learned or needing attention from the 9/11 study.”

this post in Organization and Communication in disaster course so please write answer in this field.

here is my friend Zorina’s post you can agreed with some of her idea because we work as a group and use simple word.

(( September 11, 2001, set the precedent for government agencies, rules, policy’s, and procedures that we have set into place today. That day was a learning experience that helped shaped the course for legislation and the way that disaster preparedness and recovery operate. There were many difficulties in the response and recovery phases of 9/11 because people were not aware of the details of what happened. They were unsure if the threat had passed and whether to begin responding or where to begin. FEMA and other governmental agency’s use the Incident Command System (ICS) during disasters and emergencies. However, local first responders and volunteering personnel were not familiar with ICS (Assessment of the USACE). This caused for miscommunication and possible delays in responding to the events. This was a lesson learned for the agency’s that use ICS they must be able to effectively communicate with local responders.

What went well during the response and recovery during 9/11 was the Unified Command operations. Every four hours the induvial teams and organizations would communicate whether in person or via phone call to discuss the matters of the event. They would report to each other and offer updates as to what they have accomplished and any concerns (Assessment of the USACE). What was also important about these meeting is that they were recorded on either a laptop or handwritten (Assessment of the USACE). What is important about that is if something were to happen to anyone in that the information can continue to the next person. This is crucial especially during a large-scale operation where time is limited because there are lives at stake. It takes skilled and selfless leaders to think about the potential risks and harm that they potentially cause their community. What is notable also about this Unified Command they did not always meet in person to avoid possible targeting by the terrorist organization (Assessment of the USACE).

September 11th was full of learning experiences for all organizations involved especially due to the magnitude of the events. It’s important to view what went well and what didn’t so all agencies can improve for future threats. While each agency did the best to their fullest capability there were things that could have been better. And now that we know this several things have changed such as air travel procedures. Which is the initial mitigation and preparedness to avoid this situation altogether (Villemez, 2011). The structures of both building and planes have changed to make them more durable and reinforced (Villemez, 2011). The government changed stricter immigration laws and the Patriot Act which aimed to improve homeland security by having stricter guidelines towards terrorist and suspected terrorists (Villemez,2011). Over 130 pieces of September 11 related legislation were introduced to Congress (Villemez,2011). I think this showcases that the government is doing everything it can to prevent another attack while also being prepared for one as well. Its impossible to plan for every possible outcome after a disaster. However, I think that they have a better idea of the destruction that can occur. By making the mistakes that they did during 9/11 they are now more equipped to handle disasters. It show the resilience of the country and its leaders by growing and learning from the past so it’s not repeated in the future.))


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