Discussion Board Question 61

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1.Read the entire “Recommendations for Best Practices” paper. At the end of the paper – beginning on page 31 – there is an annotated bibliography that includes several relevant papers. Track down any two of those papers, read them and write a 250 word (max) summary. Note – Only one student can summarize any paper. First come, first served. Make your choice, stake your claim, post your intent to review the paper.

These are the article I have chosen

First Article Miller J, Campbell J. (2004). Elder care supportive interventions protocol, Journal of Gerontologicalal Nursing, August, 10-18.

Second Article Phifer JF, Norris FH. (1989). Psychosocial symptoms in older adults following natural disaster: Nature, timing, duration, and course. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 44(6), S207-217

Here are the “Recommendation for Best Practice”


2. The Jenkins et al paper discusses “The Disaster Cycle” and “Issues for a Successful Recovery.” Choose one of those topics and research the literature to support what these authors have to say. Write a 250-word summary of the article you found.

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