Discussion Board Question 64

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1. Read the Laditka paper. Summarize and expand on the lessons learned from Katrina. (Hint – Track down the SNAKE report).

2. The article by Elmore and Brown discusses policy implications for older adults in the setting of emergency preparedness and response. On the cover page of that article is a small box that contains the words “Additional efforts are necessary.” What do the authors mean by that? Be specific.

here are the references

Elmore. (2007). “Emergency Preparedness and Response: Health and Social Policy Implications for Older Adults” by Elmore, Diane L.; Brown, Lisa M. – Generations, Vol. 31, Issue 4, Winter 2007 | Online Research Library: Questia. Retrieved from https://www.questia.com/library/journal/1P3-145693…

Laditka, S. B., Laditka, J. N., Xirasagar, S., Cornman, C. B., Davis, C. B., & Richter, J. V. (2008). Providing Shelter to Nursing Home Evacuees in Disasters: Lessons From Hurricane Katrina. American Journal of Public Health, 98(7), 1288-1293. doi:10.2105/ajph.2006.107748

Pekovic. (2007). “Planning for and Responding to Special Needs of Elders in Natural Disasters”. Retrieved from https://www.questia.com/library/journal/1P3-1456934141/planning-for-and-responding-to-special-needs-of-elders

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