Discussion Form 3

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  • As you have learned in your examination of Healthy People 2020, the population in the United States is growing in diversity. Within the context of diversity, nurses need to recognize that dominant and variant cultural patterns will exist within the society. Health disparities are closely linked with social, economic, and environmental disadvantage. When caring for patients, nurses need to be aware of similarities and differences among the diverse patient care population.

As nurses, it is important to examine ourselves (knowledge & attitude) before treating patients.

  • 1. Discussion your own culture and what attributes of that culture make you unique.
  • 2. Consider the ways in which culture and ethnicity affect health. Which factors are modifiable? For which factors can nurses have an impact?
  • 3. In addition to poor access, health care providers frequently contribute to the problem of health disparities. How can nurses avoid contributing to these disparities
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