Discussion Identifying And Engaging Stakeholders For Strategic Planning 1

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Post a description of internal and external stakeholders who should be involved in strategic planning at Mountain View Health Center. Propose strategies for cultivating relationships with these stakeholders. Explain how their involvement would promote the likelihood of success for the strategic plan.

  • Review the Mountain View Health Center case study, and reflect on the focus of your postings in the Week 2 Discussion 2 and the Week 3 Discussion.
  • Conduct additional research as necessary to strengthen your understanding of the process of involving stakeholders in strategic planning and to deepen your thinking about the organization. For instance, you may research organizations with similarities to Mountain View, and examine information related to stakeholder involvement.
  • Consider the following questions:
    • Which internal and external stakeholders should be involved in strategic planning related to this case study?
    • What assets and/or perspectives would each of these stakeholders offer to the process?
    • What role would each potential stakeholder play in helping to move forward a strategic plan?
    • When and how should the stakeholders become involved?
    • How would you cultivate relationships with these stakeholders to produce the best possible results?
    • How would the appropriate selection of stakeholders and their involvement promote the likelihood of successful adoption and implementation of a strategic plan?



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