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Please see below the discussion in response to the question and respond as a peer using 150 or more words.

Original Question: 

 (Explain why the entity relationship (ER) model is useful. How has it helped to produce a more structured relational database design environment?) 

Peer Response:

The ER model is useful because it is a visual representation of entities and how they relate to each other. Entities can be people, objects, or concepts and how they relate to each other is by the interaction that takes place between them. The ER model has often been “…used to design or debug relational databases in the fields of software engineering, business information systems, education and research” (Lucidchart, n.d.). It helps immensely with the design and layout of databases for figuring out the structure of how they will be laid out and work and also helps identify any issues or things that may not add value to the database. There are also different models to utilize for this to include the Chen Model and Crows Foot.

In 1970, Peter Chen developed ER modeling for database design and with its standard layout and set of shapes for entities, attributes, and relationships made a more structured approach to ERD design (Lucidchart, n.d.). It presents the theoretical layout that is easily understood visually instead of trying to piece the text together in you mind in the same manner