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Discussion 5: Shaping Domestic Policy — Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan

Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan had major successes in terms of accomplishing some of their domestic policy goals during their presidencies (Johnson was less ‘successful’ in his foreign policy, while Reagan had  both major successes and setbacks in that context). How should we understand these policy successes? Were they about the skills and agendas of the presidents, or were there other factors we need to consider?

Using details from the Lammers and Genovese reading, please identify at least one major policy accomplishment for either Johnson or Reagan (you are welcome to discuss more) and explore how we might use one or several of the frameworks from our class to think about this outcome.

1. Pick out a few key policy successes for both Johnson and Reagan. How should we understand these outcomes in relation to our frameworks?


a.) Constitutional Framework

b.) Modern Presidency

c.) Power to Persuade

d.) Imperial Presidency

e.) Political Time

f.) Structural/Political Economy Framework

*Please read use page numbers for citations.