Drug Trafficking Behavioral Questionnaire

There are two job orders requested..1st request would be the development of research questions based around the info. listed- need this within 6 days.
(DTBQ-Drug Trafficking Behavioral Questionnaire)

The 2nd request is in regards to dissertation chapters 1,2, and 3. (completed in two weeks).

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please find out what they would charge to develop some Research questions geared around the information that is written below. Timeframe for this information would be 4 days from time of receipt. The other timeframe for development of chapters 1,2 and 3 of the dissertation is listed. Thanks so much! Also DTBQ stands for Drug Trafficking Behavioral questionnaire should they ask

First, I want to thank you all for an excellent concept paper meeting yesterday. I think Diana left the meeting with a better sense of what she needed to do for her dissertation proposal, and we have a better sense that what she will be proposing is a viable doctoral study that will contribute to the literature in curriculum studies and criminal justice.

Second, I want to summarize my notes to be sure we are all on the same page and also to apprise Bob of what we decided would be best for Diana as she prepares her proposal. Please let me know if I missed something, mis-stated something, or misinterpreted something.

1. Diana will be using the DTBQ only to collect demographic information on the incarcerated youth she is working with. This information will better enable Diana to construct interview questions and focus group questions as she works on her program design. For that purpose, she should not need to establish statistical reliability or validity.

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2. Diana will draw from several theoretical frameworks in her literature review to help her ground her work in theory. Among the theories she will explore are cultural sensitivity theory, motivation theory, moral/ethical decision making theory, and possibly economic theory and race theory. Diana’s intention is to develop a curriculum for teachers, counselors, school psychologists, criminal justice professionals, etc. that is preventative in nature to reduce the number of young males who enter business.The curriculum needs to reflect the realities of the world in which the drug traffickers live.

3. Part of Diana’s methodology will be phenomenological in terms of drawing from her 28 years of lived experiences working with incarcerated youth and also drawing from the lived experiences of the incarcerated drug traffickers who made decisions to enter the drug trade and in some cases continue to traffic drugs even after being caught and incarcerated several times. What motivates drug traffickers to pursue that line of work? Are their motives economic, cultural, or racial? How do they rationalize their behavior from a moral/ethical perspective? By learning from these incarcerated youth, Diana will be able to construct a prevention program that is grounded in theory and in reality. Morris, Lisa and I felt that this program will be a major contribution to both curriculum studies and criminal justice literature.

4. Morris provided Diana with some researchers (Dr. James Howell and Dr. Carl Taylor) whom we hope can provide Diana with resources that will address issues of cultural sensitivity and race based on their work in the field.

5. Finally, when we left the meeting, Diana had not yet articulated her new research questions based on the direction her study has now taken. We will need to get those as soon as possible from her so way can give the final stamp of approval for her to move ahead with her proposal. Right now, we are projecting that we will receive a three chapter proposal from Diana in late March or early April with the intention of holding her proposal meeting within ten days to two weeks after receiving the proposal.

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