Easy help. 3 to 5 questions you can discuss with a representative

Help with real easy assignment. 

I have strep throat and don’t have a voice or energy (sleeping alot) to do this assignment.

Select a company you would like to interview about change management strategies, and request an informational interview with a representative.

Create 3 to 5 questions you can discuss with a representative regarding the company’s approach to change management in the past.

  • Your interview questions should illicit the change       management strategies they have used to implement a variety of changes       intended to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the organization that       will ultimately improve the bottom line.

Call the representative from your chosen company, and:

  • Share that you are an MBA student working on a       business case for change management.
  • Ask your 3 to 5 questions.
  • Take notes about the conversation with the company       representative.

Summarize the interview in a paper of no more than 300 words. Please do not refer to specific company information in your documentation; use Company XYX and Mr./Ms. X in place of real names. You are welcome to use more than one reference, but the textbook is required. Please include the plagiarism checker. Follow APA.