Economic of sin- new media literacy in sports, entertainment and

 New Media Literacy in Sports, Entertainment and Event ManagementPlanned vs. Unplanned Events

Planned events are proactive measures an organization takes to enhance its public image and/or brand.  Unplanned events can happen at any time and tend to have a negative impact on an organization (i.e. bad restaurant review, employee on-site injury).  The objective of this week’s discussion is to examine the differences between unplanned versus unplanned events.    

Discussion Question: Using both personal experience and research please provide the following:  Based on examples from industry, provide one example of an planned event (proactive) and one example of an uplanned event (reactive).  In your opinion, do you believe the planned event accomplished it’s objective?  How do you know?  In addition, how did the organization respond to the unplanned event (i.e. release a statement of apology, conduct a press conference, etc)? 

Economic of Sin

Please post one example of sinful behavior in a macroeconomic context and one from a microeconomic context that you may have experienced or come across in your life. What was the drive and/or incentive for this behavior? What if anything could change the behavior?