Elder Law 3 2

PURPOSE: To familiarize yourself with case law about revocation of a will or trust.


  1. Read Bernard v. Foley, 139 P.3d 1196 (Cal. 2006), Matter of Chiaro, 903 N.Y.S.2d 673 (2010), and Zagorski v. Kaletta, 2010 Ill. App. LEXIS 869 (Ill. App.) 2010.
  2. In a one-to-two page paper:
    1. Discuss how the cases address the question of whether a person acting as a guardian or under a power of attorney can amend or revoke a will or trust signed by the ward/principal? Do you agree or disagree with the opinions?
    2. Find and discuss a case from your jurisdiction, or as close to your jurisdiction as possible, that addresses this question.
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