Elizabethan poetry and prose essay

4 pages essay

discuss 3 of any of the following works and tie the 3 works with specific topic list on the following:

3 works to choose from:

– William Shakespeare (the rape of Lucrece; or Sonnets) 

– Christopher Marlowe  (Hero and Leander; or The passionate Shepherd to his love)

– Walter Raleigh (The Nymph’s Reply to the shepherd)

-Edmund Spenser (The Shepheardes Calender; or  Amoretti or ; Epithalamion)

-Queen Elizabeth (The doubt of future foes; or On Monsieur’s departure; or Speech to the Troops at Tilbury)

Topic to choose from:

-Spiritual, religious,moral,philosophical, or ethical issue

-love(lust) as or versus war, combat or aggression

-Human-supernatural interactions

-the political or social content or implications of literature

-the ideal vs. the real

-symbols or image or thematic patterns

**** Example Edmund S (Amoretti), Shakespeare’s (The rape of lucrece), and shakespeare (sonnet 129) topic lust