1. Policy Statement

Global Star Enterprises’ (GSE’s) induction program aims to ensure that staff clearly understand the activities of the company and their role within it.

The Human Resources and Staffing Department is responsible for ensuring that induction procedures are followed and that staff are fully acquainted with their terms and conditions of appointment, GSE’s business policies and procedures and occupational health and safety policies.

The department in which the staff member is employed must ensure that the staff member is made aware of the duties and responsibilities of the position and that the Induction Checklist is completed.

  1. Prior to Commencement
  1. The offer of employment is made.
  2. Copies of the offer of employment and the signed acceptance are placed on the employee’s personal file.
  3. A staff member is nominated to be responsible for the induction program.
  4. A letter of welcome and introduction is sent, including starting date, hours, location, parking and outline of duties.
  5. The appointment is announced to staff.
  6. The name of the new appointee is added to the staff list.
  7. Arrangements are made in the workplace for the following:
  • Workstation
  • Computer access
  • Passwords
  • Email address
  • Telephone
  1. An interim work plan is developed.
  2. An induction information kit is prepared, including the following
  • Mission and goals of GSE
  • Staffing policies and procedures
  • Products and services
  • Occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  • Acceptable use policy for the internet and email
  • Goals and objectives of the department and workgroup
  1. Upon Commencement
  1. The employee is welcomed and induction and probation procedures explained (where applicable).
  2. The Induction Checklist is discussed and the employee is given a copy.
  3. Personal and pay details are completed and processed (including emergency contact details).
  4. The employee is introduced to staff, amenities and activities.
  5. The requirements of the role and administration procedures are discussed, including building access, security and confidentiality.
  6. Immediate needs and information requirements are identified.
  7. The employee is taken on a tour of GSE and shown toilets, first-aid and evacuation areas.
  8. An induction kit is provided.
  9. Communication procedures are outlined, including newsletters, bulletins and the mail system.
  10. A staff list and outline of roles is provided.
  11. The use of equipment such as photocopier, fax and telephone is explained.
  12. Training is provided on the use of email and the Internet.
  13. The staff member responsible for induction meets daily with the new employee during the first week (at the end of each day) to provide feedback and assistance.
  1. Within the first month
  1. Professional development needs are discussed with the employee.
  2. Training activities are organised.
  3. Performance standards and progress are discussed and reviewed.
  4. The staff member responsible for induction meets with the employee to discuss the first month’s activities and provide feedback.
  5. After three (3) months
  1. The employee’s understanding of the company’s environment and expectations of the position are confirmed and established.
  2. The employee is given support in the development of increased knowledge and skills.
  3. The staff member responsible for induction meets with the employee to discuss progress.
  4. The appointment is confirmed or the probation period extended.
  5. The induction process is evaluated.
  1. After six (6) months
  2. The performance review is conducted.
  1. At the end of the first year
  2. The end-of-year performance review is conducted
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