Eng 102 research paper final outline


In this assignment, you will finalize the outline and submit it for your instructor’s evaluation.

As you learned in the module notes and in your reading, an outline is the foundation of the research paper. Start with the outline you workshopped in discussion this week. Then, add to and/or revise the outline based on the feedback you received in discussion.

As you develop your outline, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the key points that support my thesis statement?
  • What primary supporting details should I add to develop these key points?
  • Are there supplemental/secondary points that will further strengthen my statement?
  • What kind of organizational plan will I use for my essay?

Your assignment is to develop a detailed outline for your research paper. Your outline should be focused on your thesis and should include your thesis statement in the outline of your introduction.

At a minimum, your topic sentences should be written in complete sentences. In the body of your outline, you should develop your points to at least a second level of detail. This means, in addition to outlining the main points that support your thesis, you will need to add sub-points for those points. These are not required to be written in complete sentences at this time, but you should include as much detail as possible at this stage of the writing process; it only serves to make the drafting phase easier. Be sure to cite any sources you use to develop your outline.