English 101 At Grantham University

 Broadview Guide to Writing, P1.1-7, C.3.2: APA Style Sample Essay  

Specific questions or items to address: What is the purpose of the APA Sample Essay available in section C.3.2 of The Broadview Guide to Writing? What is the question at issue to which the author of the essay responds? How does the author respond (i.e. what is the author’s argument)? How does the author develop and support that argument? How does the author conclude that argument (e.g. with directions to the reader, a final impression)? How does the author use the APA Style to organize, format, and document that argument? It may be useful to refer back to this week’s assigned reading: The Broadview Guide to Writing in responding to these questions.

Criteria: APA essay format, 1.5-2 pages in length.

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