English gender role discussion question

Please read the assignment and answer the questions with the appropraite word count.


Discussion 2

Before posting in the discussion thread view the following video and read the following two essays: View Sam Killerman’s Ted Talk video “Understanding the Complexities of Gender” as background to paper number two.Link (Links to an external site.) . From our textbook read “Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes” (505) by Aaron Devor–this piece will give you specific characteristics used to identify traditional masculinity and femininity that will be useful for your paper in this unit. Also read Deborah Blum’s “The Gender Blur: Where Does Biology End and Society Take Over?” (511)

Address the following questions in your post or you can answer these questions in several posts (there are no right or wrong answers):

·         Identify a character on a television program or public figure that exhibits traditional masculinity to you (i.e. you might discuss Terence Howard’s character on Empire or Bernie Sanders (a presidential candidate, or a popular musical artist, etc.) or it could even be someone you know. The choice is up to you this time. Similarly identify a character or public figure that represents traditional femininity to you. Explain your choices–how do these people behave and act? You can cite/quote Devor to explain your choice–he tells us what to look for.


·         Now identify a character or public figure that exhibits what you would call non-traditional masculinity. Do the same for a female character or public figure that exhibits non-traditional femininity. Explain how you define non-traditional in relation to your choices.


·         Finally, working from Deborah Blum’s essay “Do think biology or society has a greater influence on our gender behavior?” Support your response with specific examples you’ve observed or experienced. You can also cite/quote Blum.


In addition to your post, you should reply to one of your classmates’ posts. Shoot for at least 100 words total. Again, the more you write, the more points you receive!