English Lesson 25



There are several different types of essays, but the three basic types are:

  • Expository = to explain something, an idea, a point of view, or how to do something (process)
  • Narrative = to tell a story
  • Persuasive = to convince

List ideas, facts, or opinions for each of the topics below. Your brainstorming lists should correlate to the type of essay:

  • expository
  • narrative
  • persuasive

Identify which type of essay you are writing. Then create your brainstorming list. Finally, write your short essay (paragraph) using your brainstorming list.

1. The community has imposed a curfew of 10:00 P.M. for teenagers under 18, including weekends.

2. A neighbor doesn’t like your cat because he is only likes dogs.

3. Your best friend is going to buy a used car and you know it is not dependable.

4. There is a new shopping center being constructed very near your neighborhood.

5. Your parents expect you to attend college at a nearby community college.

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