Essay component | Psychology homework help

This final exam will cover Chapters 7 through 14 of the textbook. Complete the essay portion of the exam in an MS Word file.

Instructions for the Essay Portion of Final Exam

Mischel (1972) examined the relationship between delayed gratification as a child and variables related to success (i.e., future SAT scores, higher competence). From this general research idea, outline the following:

  1. A logical hypothesis that identifies two variables (you can choose which variables you would focus on from the example)
  2. An appropriate research strategy
  3. An appropriate research design
  4. The threats to validity and how they will be addressed
  5. The interpretation of data and conclusions you will be able to draw (Be precise – are you looking at mean differences? Correlations between variables? Can you infer causation?)

NOTE: You are not expected to consult outside sources to answer this question. You should use logic rather than research studies to justify your hypothesis.