ethical dilemmas #2 | English homework help

Assignments should be typewritten (1-inch margins/12 pt. font/double-spaced), grammatically correct, and of college quality.  At the top of each assignment include the date, your name, and the topic. 5 pages + Work citation page that include at least 2 sources. 

Ethics are the standards of conduct of a profession or group. 

Examples of a few ethical standards include: 

• Journalists protect the identity of their sources and avoid receiving. Money or other favors from those about whom they write. 

• Healthcare professionals maintain patient confidentiality and report public health hazards to government authorities. 

• Mortgage lenders pledge to advise clients of all costs. 

• Career counselors strive to avoid imposing their personal values or biases on those whom they advise.

 A dilemma is defined as a situation in which one must choose between difficult alternatives. In an ethical dilemma, choosing between alternatives is challenging because ethical standards may be in conflict. 

Either choice may uphold one ethical standard but, at the same time, violate another. There may not be a clear-cut way to choose between right and wrong. Part 1: Identify and write about the ethical standards in your current area of work or in your planned career. ” in physical therapy” 

Part 2: Discuss a real ethical dilemma that has arisen at your workplace or discuss a potential ethical dilemma that could arise in your workplace.” in physical therapy”