Exp19_word_ch03_ml2_fresh | Computer Science homework help



Project Description:

You are preparing a one-page flyer promoting a meal planning service and app. The flyer includes information, some of which is shown in a table, describing the new service. You will merge the flyer with a data source to produce personalized copies of the flyer.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp19_Word_Ch03_ML2_Fresh.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Ensure that nonprinting   characters are displayed. At the second blank paragraph that follows the   document logo, insert a 2×1 table. Type Meal Planning Series in the first cell of the table.   Type   Volume 24 in   the next cell and right-align it. Format all text in the table as italics,   with a font size of 10 pt.


Adjust the width of both columns   in the table to 2″. Center the   table horizontally on the page. Shade the table with Green, Accent 6, Lighter   60%.


Select text at the end of the   page, beginning with Citrus Salmon   Whole Grain Rice Bowl and ending in 490   (whether you select the paragraph mark that follows 490 is irrelevant). Convert the selected text to a table,   accepting all default dialog box selections.


Adjust the width of the second   column to 1”. Insert a row above the first row and type Meal   Selection in   the first cell. Type Calories in the second. Apply Align Center alignment to both   entries in row 1.


Insert a column at the right of   the second column. Type Remaining Calorie Count in row 1 of the new column. Text   will wrap in the cell.


Click in the third column on the   second row (below Remaining Calorie   Count). Include a formula to subtract Calories from 1200. You do not need to select a   Number format. Repeat the formula down the column, adjusting the cell   reference for each row.


Insert a column to the left of   the first column and adjust column width of the new column to 1”. Merge all   cells in the new column. Type FRESH! in the merged cell. Click Text Direction in the Alignment group   on the Table Tools Layout tab twice to rotate the text attractively. Click   Align Center. Change the font size of text in the first column to 26.


Modify all formulas in the last   column to adjust for the newly inserted column. You should change the letter   in each formula from b to c. Note that the formula will   change, but the results remain the same. Change the calorie count for Barbecue Chicken Pizza to 550. Update the formula field in   the next cell to reflect the new amount for calories remaining.


Apply a table style of Grid   Table 5 Dark – Accent 6 (row 5, column 7 under Grid Tables). Select text in   row 1 (but not the merged cell) and choose Align Center alignment. Apply   Align Center alignment to all numbers in the last two columns.


Center the table on the page horizontally. Select the first column.   Select the first double line style shown (click the Line Style dropdown   arrow, not Border Styles) and a line weight of ½ pt. Select a pen color of   Green Accent 6. Apply the border selection to all borders of the selected   column.


Place the insertion point at the   end of the document (after Download the   Fresh! app from your friends at). Press SPACEBAR. Click the Mailings tab   and begin a mail merge, choosing to create letters and selecting recipients   from an existing list. You will use the Access database, Fresh App Contacts.accdb. Note, Mac users will use the text file,   Fresh App Contacts.txt. Edit the   recipient list and sort by Grocery Name in ascending order.


Insert a merge field of Grocery_Name. Preview the results and   finish the merge of all records. Select and copy all text in the new   document. Display the original document, move to the end of the document   (after Download the Fresh! app from   your friends at Associated Grocers), and insert a page break. Paste the   copied text, resulting in a 6-page document.


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch03_ML2_Fresh.docx. Close   all other open documents without saving. Submit Exp_Word_Ch03_ML2_Fresh.docx as directed.