Explain how this katharine kolcabas comfort theory contribute to nursing practice

Explain how this katharine kolcaba’s comfort theory contribute to nursing practice

Middle range theory research paper based on Katharine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory. It needs to be described and applied to nursing. Analysis needs scholarly ref. plus textbooks that are peer reviewed and published within the last 5 years. Identify theorist and give biography, education, achievements and influence. Summarize theory, context must describe metaparadigm concepts addressed by the comfort theory and describe unique concepts of the theory. Apply theory to nursing in clinical situations. Describe the setting in which the theory will be applied (practical)
and how they relate to the concept clinical situation. Explain and give examples. How easily could you use this theory in Advanced Practiced Nursing and is the theory too complex or too simple? What problems do you forsee? Explain and give examples. Explain how this theory can contribute to health care and nursing practice. Explain and give examples.

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