Feasibility report | Education homework help

 Feasibility reports examine the practicality and advisability of following a course of action. For example, your company must decide whether to add a child-care facility. You will need to do research and use primary and secondary sources of information to complete your feasibility study. Here are the requirements/deliverables for the feasibility study. Content: You should provide the following elements in your feasibility study: Letter or memo of transmittal – This document should be addressed to whomever you are trying to persuade, for example, a supervisor, a landlord, or a person in authority. Main report – This should be the main body of your report. – Begin by announcing your decision immediately. – Describe the background and problem necessitating the proposal. – Discuss the benefits of the proposal. – Describe any problems that may result. – Calculate the costs associated with the proposal, if appropriate. – Show the time frame necessary for the implementation of the proposal. Length: I do not normally specify page length for assignments – that is usually determined as you consider what you need to provide to your selected audience. However, in this case, I will specify page length in order to encourage you to choose a topic that is of sufficient depth and complexity for a project such as this. Minimum of 1 page. Style/Appearance: Your entire project should be formal; this means that you follow all conventions that are expected in a document that will be delivered to a client. There should be NO spelling, grammar, typing, or mechanical errors at all, so proofread and have others look at your document carefully. You want your readers to take you (and your recommendations) seriously; an excessive number of errors will interfere with that.