For accounting and finance genius only

25. Suppose that D + E = A, that N/A = .15 and that D/A = 0.75. Solve for N/E.




26. Suppose that S/A = 4.5 and N/S = .08. Solve for N/A.


27. Suppose A – D = E, that N = 20,000, E/A = .75 and N/E = .40. Compute D/A.


28. Assume that S/A = 6.5, D/A = .40, N/E = .75 and A = D + E. Solve for N/S.


29. Given that: 2y + 10x + 18 = 4 and 4x – y + 11 = 0, solve for x.


30. Referring back to the prior problem, what is y?




31. Given that: 4(3g + 104) – 90 = 504 + 6(g – 14), solve for g.


32. Bill can mow his mother’s lawn in 40 minutes. His brother Jim can mow it in 65 minutes. How long will it take them to do it together, if each has his own lawnmower? (Record your answer in minutes rounded to one decimal place. For example, if the answer you find is 14.2835 minutes, record 14.3).


                                    Bill can mow in 40 minutes

                                    So he can mow 1/40 of lawn in one minute


                                    Jim can mow in 65 minutes

                                    So he can mow 1/65 of lawn in one minute

                                    Both can mow in one minute (1/40 + 1/65) of the farm

                                                = 21 / 520 of farm

                                    For total mow of the farm – they will require

                                                = 24.8 Minutes


33. On a particular day, the campus bookstore sold 30 T-shirts. White ones cost $9.95 and yellow ones cost $10.50. Total sales of T-shits were $310.60. How many white shirts were sold?

                                    Total sales (in dollars)                        $310.60

                                    Number of t-shirts                  30


34. Referring back to the prior problem, how many yellow shirts were sold?





35. If working alone, Marcus can paint a room in 3.15 hours. Working together with Claudia, they can both paint the room in 2.09 hours. How long would it take Claudia working alone to paint the room?


            3.15 hrs 



36. An airplane leaves Louisville for Cleveland at a speed of 475 mph. Twenty minutes later; a plane heading for Louisville leaves Cleveland, which is 350 miles from Louisville at a speed of 500 mph. When they meet, how far are they from Cleveland?



38. A rich merchant had collected many gold coins. He did not want anybody to know about them. One day, his wife asked, “How many gold coins do you have?” After pausing a moment, he replied, “Well! If I divide the coins into two unequal numbers, then 25 times the difference between the two numbers equals the difference between the squares of the two numbers.” How many gold coins does the rich merchant have?


39. Suppose that you go out and buy 100 lbs. of cucumbers that are 99% water. Unfortunately, you do not observe the rules of caring for your cucumbers so after some time they dehydrate until they are only 98% water. How much do they then weigh?