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Discussion 1


Why can chronic, advancing, and terminal illnesses be considered family illnesses? Please feel free to include any personal experiences that you have had with this topic.

Discussion 2


Please watch the PBS Frontline production entitled “Facing Death.” Then, in a short paper, discuss some of the issues involved in the end-of-life decision making that were portrayed within this video from the perspective of the terminally ill patients, their loved ones, and/or their caregivers. If you are able to, please describe how Kübler-Ross’s stages of grief were demonstrated within the various scenarios of the video.


Latonia post


I will begin to utilize the math skills that I learned this week at work to give myself a better concept of my productivity. This is usually something that management is responsible for, but if I start to keep count of my own productivity on the spreadsheets that I work on a daily basis, I will be better able to present the math which shows my achievements, so when it comes time for annual review and I will better position myself for a decent raise. It has been quite a long time since I have taken a math course, but this past week has given me a new outlook, even though I was never great in math.  The Show What You Know diagnostic was something that I was really not prepared for and opened my eyes to the challenge I face in this class ahead. Math is a part of everyday living, from managing checking and savings accounts, calculating bills and managing a budget, and putting a percentage up in a retirement fund and so forth. So, I realize that even though we make think we don’t use math in our daily living, we do rely on math to maintain our daily, weekly, and our monthly needs and so on, and to plan for the near and distant future.

Sarah post


In my everyday life, i feel I use math quite a bit. I cook, budget my checkbook, figure out how many plate of food I need to prepare and I help my son with his homework. I also am a Retail Sales Associate, so I use math quite a bit. I figure sales tax estimates, prepare quotes, and figure my commissions on sales. I estimate and gather bills, while trying to figure what has changed on a customers bill when needed, we count every SIM card, and use math on inventory. I also use math when I do makeup, my passion. I use it by trying to create symmetry with my face. As the text suggests, math can promote creativity where allowed. I Guess I use arithmetic, algebra, probability, statistics and calculus in my daily life.