Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice discusses the theory-practice gap in detail in many chapters

As you’ve read throughout the course, there is ongoing discussion about the connection between theory and practice, and the application in day-to-day nursing activities. This assignment is designed to illustrate that although there may be a gap, other factors play an important role in decision-making and each aspect of theory, research, and practice experience are integral to well-rounded patient care.

Click the Paper tab for a link to Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice and review Figure 1.4 Correlation: education, science and practice.

Think of a scenario in which theory, research, and practice interact to create good patient outcomes.

Create a visual representation of the theory-practice relationship or gap by replacing the text in the Theory-Practice Gap diagram template. (attached)

Write a visual powerpoint of 15-20 slide presentation with the diagram to include the following:

· Describe the chosen theory, research, and practice guideline or standard.

· Explain the relationship between the three and discuss the role each plays in quality patient care in the scenario.

· Explain any gaps, such as a lack of research, no practice standard, or no useable theory.

· Determine the best course of action for making decisions in the absence of one aspect.

· Detailed speaker notes

Include documentation of the practice guideline or standard, and your corresponding research, evidence, or literature example.

Cite APA your research and practice guidelines in-text and on the references page at the end of the template.

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