1. Quality policy statement
    1. GSE commitment to quality
      1. GSE is committed to quality in our product and service delivery standards and management practices. We set high standards for all managers and employees across the organisation and expect this same commitment from all employees.
      2. Management is committed to the continual improvement of the quality management system in all areas of GSE’s operations. Quality objectives are continually reviewed through a regular framework of management meetings at all management levels.
      3. Global Star Enterprises (GSE) is committed to achieving excellence through the establishment, implementation and review of a Quality Management System.
      4. The system conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.
  2. Quality policy purpose
    1. This policy is issued to communicate GSE’s expectations and attitude to our client relationships and to the excellence of product and service delivery. The full support of the GSE’s employees and our suppliers is sought in actively pursuing our quest for quality.
  3. Quality objective
    1. GSE’s primary quality objective is to simply meet or exceed our client’s requirements and expectations in a proactive, professional and cost effective manner across all operations and projects.
  4. Quality procedure
    1. The aim of this procedure is to ensure that quality is at the forefront in all of GSE’s operational and project tasks and controls are in place to reduce the likelihood and impact of any problems.
    2. For our customers, this means:
      1. High quality products and services at a competitive price.
      2. Delivery of the products and services in a timely manner.
      3. Compliance with all legislative, regulatory and industry standards.
    3. For GSE employees, this means
  1. Ongoing personal development and learning opportunities to improve competencies required to perform their tasks to the highest possible standard.
  2. Long term career paths and opportunities.
  3. Clear responsibilities and methods of work.
  4. Fair remuneration based on skills and effort.
  5. Safety in work environment.
  6. For the GSE Organisation, this means:
  1. Professional market profile.
  2. Reputation for excellence in service, project and people.
  3. Reputation for performance and fair dealing.
  4. Manage the improvement of our services and products by regular reviews of activities.
  5. Maintain acceptable level of profitability.
  6. Social and Environmental consciousness.
  7. Repeat Clientele.
  1. Monitoring and measurement of processes
    1. GSE shall monitor and measure our business processes to ensure that we continue to satisfy our intended objective via internal quality assurance audits and management review meetings. The Chief Executive Officer has the overall responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining this activity.
  2. Monitoring and measurement of product  
    1. GSE shall monitor and measure the characteristics of our products via Quality Assurance Plans to verify that client, legislative and industry requirements for the product are met. Evidence of conformance shall be documented and recorded.
    2. The identification and reporting of any nonconforming products or services or ideas regarding continuous improvement and preventive action is the duty and responsibility of each individual employee of GSE.
  3. Identification and immediate corrective action
    1. After detection of a nonconforming item, the appropriate personnel will record the issue and conduct a formal analysis to identify the root causes and correct the problem as soon as practicably possible to satisfy the client and the contractual requirements.
  4. Long term preventative action:
    1. Non conformances and corrective action must be reviewed periodically, or as required for trends and re-occurrences as part of the Management Review Process. This involves, as necessary, the analysis of processes, quality records, customer complaints, and employee feedback. to detect and eliminate potential causes of non-conforming products and services.
    2. Preventive action steps are decided upon to ensure that potential causes of a non-conformance are dealt with in such a way as to prevent their development in future GSE operations.
    3. All client complaints must be recorded to eliminate potential causes of non-conformance.
  5. Analysis of data
    1. GSE shall analyse all applicable data to determine the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and use this data to:
      1. Achieve our quality objective
      2. Maintain customer satisfaction
      3. Address client dissatisfaction
      4. Meet our legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements
      5. Identify and implement opportunities for improvement.
  6. Continual improvement
    1. GSE shall plan and manage the processes necessary for the continual improvement of the Quality Management System through the use of the quality policy, objectives, internal audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive action and management review to facilitate continual improvement.
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