Global Environmental News Analysis Report


  1. Find an article relating to international business that has been written in the past 30 days. (Recommended sources include:  Wall Street Journal, The Economist, BusinessWeek, The Toledo Blade, etc.)
  2. Complete the GENA worksheet.
  3. Summarize the article using the required headings.

a. Article Summary

b. Implications for Practice

c. Implications for Theory

d. Future Direction

Submit the following:

a.GENA Cover page

b.GENA Worksheet, 

c.GENA article summary, and 

d.Link to the online article (make sure your link works, it will be checked).


  • Length: 700-1,000 words for the actual content only under the four main  headings, i.e. worksheet, references, title page do not count, (strictly enforced)
  • Double-spaced pages, 1” margins, plus a coverage.
  • Font: Times New Roman size 12.

Reference: Article must be properly referenced at end of GENA using APA citation style.  

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