Going Digital

Going Digital” Please respond to the following:

  • Ray Bradbury in his novel, Fahrenheit 451, envisions a world where the government attempts to control knowledge by taking away all books. If Bradbury’s depiction of this new world was real, discuss three (3) implications of this new policy. Next, briefly summarize what our culture would look like today if suddenly all digital information, news, social media, emails, etc. were cut off from our digital devices. Propose two (2) ways society would attempt to get this information; then, for each of your selected ways, predict the accuracy of the information being passed along.
  • Based on your reading from Chapter 2, choose four (4) events that you believe were significant in digital advancement. Next, suggest two (2) reasons why you chose these events; then, propose two (2) reasons for each event as to why you believe each selected event is significant to digital advancement. Chapter 2: The Seeds of Our Digital Destiny
  • View the article titled “Edward Snowden; The World Says No to Surveillance”, located in your course shell. Next, state three (3) of Snowden’s actions that could not have been completed in the past; then, analyze the significance of this story in regard to the handling of sensitive data in the future. Name three (3) changes you believe may occur in society as a result of Snowden’s actions. Which changes do you feel are most valuable for society moving forward?
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