Grazian Argument



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What are the main arguments that Grazian and other readings assigned for this week make about the relationship between social class and cultural consumption? Do you think there a value-difference today between popular culture and high culture? Why/why not? Include specific examples to support your argument.

Keep in my the objective

course objectives:

·      Compare and contrast culture, popular, high culture, elite culture, mass culture, low culture, subculture and counterculture.

·      Describe examples of the different types of norms operative in popular culture, and how these are related to the process of social control.

·      Apply key cultural theories and analytical dimensions for examining popular culture.

·      Explain how various elements of popular culture inform or reflect our attitudes, behavior, and society and why the popular culture becomes popular.

·      Illustrate diversity in popular culture and concepts of multiculturalism, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativism with reference to key stratifying factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, region and sexuality.

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