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Gucci America, Inc., a New York corporation, makes footwear, belts, sunglasses, handbags, and wallets. Gucci uses twenty-one trademarks associated with its goods. Wang Huoqing, a resident of the People’s Republic of China, offered for sale through his Web sites counterfeit Gucci goods. Gucci hired a private investigator in California to buy goods from the sites. Gucci then filed a suit against Huoqing in a federal district court, seeking damages and an injunction preventing further trademark infringement. The court first had to determine whether it had jurisdiction.

The court held that it had personal jurisdiction over Wang Huoqing. The U.S. Constitution’s due process clause allows a federal court to exercise jurisdiction over a defendant who has had sufficient minimum contacts with the court’s forum. Huoqing’s fully interactive Web sites met this standard. Gucci also showed that within the forum Huoqing had made at least one sale—to Gucci’s investigator. The court granted Gucci an injunction.

1. What do the circumstances and the holding in this case suggest to a business firm that actively attempts to attract customers in a variety of jurisdictions?

2. Write a case brief: Gucci America, Inc. v. Wang Huoqing.

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