Health Psycologyists

Part 1:

Explain the importance, if any, forhealth psychologists to consider gender when they engage in activities such asresearch, health promotion, prevention or treatment of illness, promotion ofpublic health policies, and improvements in the health care system.

When expectant parents are askedwhether they want a boy or a girl, they might respond, “We really don’tcare about the gender as long as the baby is healthy.” If you were toresearch the origin of the word “health,” you would find that itoriginally meant the absence of a debilitating battlefield injury. Do you thinkthere is more to good health than simply being free of disease or injury?Explain.

Part 2:

The Greek philosopher Hippocrates(460â377 BCE) proposed the humoral theory to explain why people get sick. Overthe next several centuries, Hippocrates’s theory was replaced by more modernmedical theories. Describe Hippocrates’s theory and explain possiblecontemporary psychological concepts or theories based on Hippocrates’s originaltheory.

Thebiopsychosocial perspective suggests that a person’s health is influenced bybiological, psychological, and social factors and that these dimensions bothaffect and are affected by each other. Explain how you would apply the biopsychosocialperspective to a person with a drug addiction. Describe examples from each ofthe three dimensions that might contribute toward the addiction.

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