Healthcare Reform Powerpoint And Discussion


With in-text citations and reference.

Managed Care and Healthcare Expenditures

In discussion question one, we examined the production model of healthcare. In this discussion question we will expand this model a bit further and review demand for healthcare services.

How has demand grown in the last 100 years? Is our system currently capable of keeping up with demand or do we have too many shortages to remain effective?


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Healthcare Reform

Chapter 23 in the 7th Ed. of The Economics of Health and Health Care is devoted to Health System Reform.

The local Chamber of Commerce where you live has learned that you are taking this course. They have asked you to come and be a guest lecturer about health system reform; specifically they are very curious about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010.

For this assignment, create a 9 – 12 slide PowerPoint solely related to healthcare reform. Be sure to focus on the PPACA. Use the notes section of the PowerPoint as needed.

Be sure to have one slide dedicated to references

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