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Unit Reflection Paper

For this paper, you will attend a city or county council/commission meeting and present its topics, relevant discussion, and

outcome. You will then provide an analysis of and response to the meeting and whether you agreed with the steps/actions

taken by the council/commission, and explain why you agreed or disagreed.

For students unable to attend in person, viewing a meeting online is an acceptable substitute.

The name of the council/commission, location, date, and URL (if applicable) must be included on your title page. Your paper

must be at least two pages in length. You must include a copy of the official meeting agenda as your supporting


Be sure to include the following in your paper:

agenda items,

items that required a vote and the outcome of those votes,

any contentious issues and analysis of the problem, and

any items of particular interest.

Address the following questions:

Could you determine any conservative or liberal leanings by the members based on their comments or vote?

What community services were addressed in the meeting? In what ways did the council/commission discuss supporting

those services?

In what ways did minorities influence decisions made at this meeting—either directly at the meeting or through the

policies discussed?

Was the meeting what you expected? Would you have voted with the majority? Elaborate on your response.

Any sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying

citations in APA format.

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