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I could notice that she was very eager to read the pamphlet and become familiar with the health hazards of second-hand smoke. She told me that she wanted to do everything that was in the benefit of the young baby, and wanted to prove herself as the best mother in the world. I asked her how often she and James smoked, especially when the baby was around. She told that the baby was around all the time as the house was a small apartment, and they never left the baby alone. So, whenever they smoked, the baby was the victim of second-hand smoke. She told that both of them were aware of the health hazards of smoking, yet they had never given it a serious thought as the birth of the baby had been a serious event in their lives which had taken a toll on their peace of mind, so much so that they had started smoking more than before. She stated that she kept the exhaust fans of the washroom and kitchen turned on all the time so as to ensure proper ventilation of air inside the rooms.

&nbsp.c. Anna was quite receptive to the information I gave her. I told Anna that second-hand smoke poses great risks to young children because they have very low immunity against diseases as compared to adults. According to Associated Press (2006, para.1), “over one in five children are exposed to secondhand smoke at home, where workplace bans don’t reach. Those children are at increased risk of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. lung infections such as pneumonia. ear infections. and more severe asthma.” I further told her that the 2006 U.S. Surgeon General’s report also states that second-hand smoke is a major cause of sudden death in children, and chances of SIDS is greater for children who are exposed to second-hand smoke either at homes or in public (American Cancer Society, Inc., 2010). Anna understood that toxic gases in the polluted air weigh heavily on the poor immune systems of young kids thus making them ill quite rapidly.