Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Paper On The Topic Analysis Of Why I Killed My Be

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Analysis of Why I Killed My Best Friend Novel by Amanda Michalopoulou. The 258-page long novel brings a story revolving around Maria, a young girl who is relocated from Nigeria to Greece to continue with her education there. However, she is depressed by this move as it takes her away from her lovely African continent. Although she is a native of Greece, she is not pleased with its language, school, food, classmates and the air she encounters in Athens. Later, she gets happiness after the arrival of Anna Horn, a Parisian girl with whom she develops a strong, but the controversial friendship that continues during their time in school and many years after the completion of their studies.

To begin with, Amanda clearly brings out the theme of friendship in the novel. Although they came from diverse cultural backgrounds, Maria and Anna become great friends in Athens. Being that they were foreigners, they felt out of place. Having been born in Nigeria, Maria had fallen in love with life there. Thus, she had regarded Africa as her favorite continent. In fact, she had forgotten that she traces her origin to Greece. Since she never appreciated that, she was so remorseful when taken to study in Athens. However, her sorrows came to an end when she met and befriended Anna. Apart from being foreigners in the school, they had to become great friends because they shared a lot of similar views and philosophies in life. This made them establish a very strong bond that could not be broken regardless of the competition they had against one another. They could go to class and attend demonstrations together. Later, this friendship continued even after the completion of their studies at a time when each of them was now a grown-up woman. However, despite their inseparable friendship, these girls had disguised enmity between them. They had created fiercest competition over boys, political beliefs and future ambitions.