Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Paper On The Topic Great Expectation By Charles D

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic GREAT EXPECTATION BY CHARLES DICKENS. The story is written during Victorian era and provides an emphasis on a sense of social duty, family support relationship and feeling of respect and honor to each other. This is a changing period for Great Britain. This is considered to be the time of dilatation worldwide and becoming strong and powerful country.

With the changing of economy and technical development people alter by themselves and transform their way of thinking and perception of world in general and literature particularly (Hughes, 3-5). Victorian literature is directed on a mass reader and focused on high amount of people who are going to read this or that novel.

That is why, it may be suggested that Dickens decides reveal on the problems which are relevant for the society and for each humane personally. Moreover, he provides a solution to change the end of the story to a positive one. This might be done for readers to leave a desirable outcome and satisfactory effect from the book. As nineteenth century was not easy time for British citizens Dickens wants to bring a positive note in their lives.

The central figure of the novel is Philip Pirrip also called Pip, and Charles Dickens leaves a part of his experience and feelings in this character. He was an orphan, “a dull, awkward, labouring-boy” (Dickens, 59) who do appreciate his life and considered to be unhappy.

His education and growth is the deal of his sister, Mrs. Georgiana Maria Gargery who is “not a good looking woman” (Dickens, 26), but her character is a hundred times worse than her outlook. She yelps, irritates, trounce her husband and little Pip. This lady has a little devil deep inside in her heart and he is deplorable and wretched. Nevertheless, Pip is acquired kind and sensitive character together with the sincere and pure soul.