Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Paper On The Topic Law Relating To Children The O

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Law Relating to Children. The only family care which children have received from their tender age is in the care and nurturance of Hannah, who lives with her live-in man Ian, who supports her decision to keep the children under her care. Hannah’s home is the only safe home which the children have had in their growing years. And, Hannah provides good care not only for the two girls Ella and Grace, whom Barry (the step father) had left under her care but has also taken to care for a newborn Joanne, whom Allison brings in her care in distress.

Hannah, has a natural generosity and love for children and good support from her live-in mate Ian, which gives the children a safe and loving home environment for growth and development. Children have grown to have a strong relationship with Hannah and are growing ell under her care. Hannah and I an could seek Parental Responsibility order based on the Children’s Act 1989(The Law Relating to Children, 2007), from the court to make sure they maintain nor only social responsibility of the children, but legal rights to ensure safety and welfare of the children, after Barry’s death.

If Barry were still alive, they could obtain Residence Order as the primary care giver. But with Barry’s death it would naturally be determined that they are the only consistent family influence on the children.