Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Paper On The Topic The Relative Efficacy Of Creat

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Relative Efficacy of Creatine and Ginseng as Performance Enhancers in Sporting Activity. Creatine is marketed as an ergogenic aid which is very useful in enhancing speed, strength, and endurance. This is also the case with Ginseng, which exists in three different forms, which have differing levels of efficacy. One of these is the Asian or Korean version of ginseng which is known as Panax ginseng, while there are also American and Siberian ginseng varieties.

The forthcoming Beijing Olympic Games has again highlighted the importance of physical fitness and enhanced performance in sporting events requiring endurance and speed. For athletes competing in international competitive sports, the slightest differences in their performance levels can play a significant role in determining whether or not they win an event. Since steroids and other such performance enhancers are illegal and sportspersons are not allowed to use them to enhance their performance, the role of natural aids such as creatine and ginseng assumes importance. Moreover, with the rising trends in obesity in the United States and Europe, there is more attention being paid to physical fitness and exercise. Improved endurance and speed could function as a motivation for more people to engage in sporting activity.

The study will also assess which aspect of performance is impacted by each of these substances, and will also take into consideration any differences that exist in the effect of these substances based upon gender and age of the individual. A detailed literature review will be carried out to examine previous studies that have been carried out on performance enhancement through the use of these substances and this will form the secondary data used in this study. The primary data is proposed to be collected through a study that will be conducted using participants who voluntarily agree to use these substances so that the improvements or lack thereof in their performances can be measured.&nbsp.