Hi Need To Submit A 2250 Words Essay On The Topic Cancer Screening And Education

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words essay on the topic Cancer screening and education.

Compliance to screening rate can be increased and one person can educate others. Third factor could be different beliefs or cultural practices in different races.

Our study included participants of S.A.V.E. program. We included females of 18-80 years old in our study. Participants were given voluntary survey during their visit to S.A.V.E site. Surveys were provided in 3 different languages- English, Spanish and Portuguese. Survey included qualitative anonymous questionnaire. The survey questionnaire included

If the Pap smear was more than 3 year ago and the mammogram was more than 2 year ago, then mention the reason for delay. This time line has been selected considering one year delay from accepted guidelines for screening interval.

Total 100 participants filled up survey forms. We analyzed data through SAS and SPSS softwares. Improvement in knowledge and practice were also stratified by age, language and quality of education for the analysis.

Table 1 showed that most of our participants were in the age group of 40-60 years. In the age group of 65 had only 4 participants. So this age group was combined with the age group of 60-64 to create an age group ≥ 60 years.

When participants were asked whether they will attend mammogram or pap smear if it were not free through S.A.V.E. program, majority of them answered either no or not sure (59/100). But same was not true for travel (17/100). Thus, cost/payment for screening test served as a major barrier. Location of screening site did not serve as a major barrier.

For those participants who answered lack of health insurance as a barrier for not having screening test -22/34 participants answered that they would not have mammogram if it is not free and 18/25 participants answered that