Hi Need To Submit A 2250 Words Essay On The Topic Religious Freedom In Prison De

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words essay on the topic Religious freedom in prison.

Denial of religious freedom may hinder inmates to access moral compass that may have guided them away from the criminal lifestyle. Recently, there has been applauding of some religious programming to due to increasing need for rehabilitation among inmates. Among the supporters of this religion –based programs are prison’s policy makers and prison officials. The primary purpose of this paper is to describe religious freedom in prison by keenly analyzing hindrances of freedom of religion, benefits of allowing inmates to practice religious freedom as an individual and to the society as a whole. In addition, there will be an analysis of the constitutional human rights.

Initially, almost every prison in the world, inmates are subjected to discrimination to religious freedom. Policies that are implemented in jails and freedom are designed in such a way that the rights of the individual are not respected. In US, over two million Americans were denied their freedom to exercise their faith. This means that around two million individuals are denied an opportunity to change their lifestyle from a religious point of view. Some researchers argue that religious freedom in prison should not be permitted as sometimes it brings unnecessary discrimination between inmates which causes murders or unfair treatment. Correction centers comprise of prisoners of the different religion. For instance, In the US, there are various religion among inmates including. Christianity, Islamic, Judaism, among others. This means that if the religious freedom of every offender is to be respected, there should be religious structures and unions for quite a number in every prison. Failure to honor religious freedom of inmates can cause humanitarian and other human rights organization to file up cases against any prison department that goes against human rights. On the other hand, if they are given freedom inmates tend to