Hi Need To Submit A 2250 Words Essay On The Topic Social Issue Paper On Organ Do

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words essay on the topic Social issue paper on organ donation and how we need to fix the waiting period so people aren’t turning to illegal trafficking.

From research, I can conclude that the result has been organ trafficking and other illegal means of obtaining organs since people believe that they cannot follow formal procedures that take too much time and are mostly futile.

Organ trafficking has been highlighted, severally, as a rising concern by the United Nations and other international organizations like the World Health Organization. The effects of this latest vice are far-reaching and destroy many lives directly and indirectly. However, what is the solution to this problem? Actually, I think that there are two dilemmas that need to be solved in order to make organ donation safer and formal. First, the trafficking of organs must be reduced and if possible eliminated to avoid the short-term and long-term negative consequences of the vice (Claybourne, 2012). Secondly, healthcare facilities, in collaboration with governments, should work out a way to reduce the waiting time and limit the desperate measures patients resort to in order to replace their organs.

The organ trafficking industry is growing, supported by rising demand as well as illegal traffickers. Although waiting lists for organs are growing longer in developed nations, selling organs in poor nations is a temptation that many cannot resist. The rising demand for organs has significantly caused an intensification in organ trafficking across the world, and the challenges associated with transplantation are driving ethical concerns about organ trafficking and its victims to the top of the global agenda. According to Chan & Ross (2012), organ trafficking happens in 3 broad categories. Firstly, there are instances where traffickers compel or cheat the victims into donating organs. Secondly, there are instances where victims formally or informally consent to sell organs are deceived because they not remunerated for the organ or are paid less than the agreed price. Finally,