Hi Need To Submit A 2250 Words Essay On The Topic What Role Did Popular Music Pl

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words essay on the topic What role did popular music play in the American civil rights movement Your answer should include at least two case studies which connect musicians to particular historical events of the 1950s or 1960s.

It will be vital to mention that the Civil Rights Movement, which took place during the time of 1960’s, was more closely related to music as compared to other American based social movements held in the stated period. In this similar context, it can be apparently observed that certain prisoners sung freedom songs for keeping up their spirits in gaining national freedom. Apart from this, various folksingers, including blacks as well as whites, wrote songs about various themes related to the Civil Rights Movement. These themes were ascertained to be pains, paradoxes and racist activities among others. Thus, with this concern, it can be affirmed that the connection of music with the Civil Rights Movement is much apparent during the episode of 1960’s (RRAS, n.d.). In relation to the above context, the essay intends to discuss and analyse the role that popular music played in the American Civil Rights Movement.

In the circumstance of explaining the role played by popular music in the American Civil Rights Movement, certain popular music genres in the period of 1960’s were found to exist. In this similar context, the popular music genres that persisted during the period of 1960’s were Acapella, Motown/R&B, British Invasion, Roots Rock and Hard Rock, Folk Rock and Protest Music and Surf Rock and Psychedelic Rock. The popular music genre of British Invasion comprised certain pop artists as well as rock brands belonging to Britain that presented certain American pop and rock songs. Such artists were reckoned as The Beatles, Donovan, The Animals, The Kinks and Dusty Springfield among others. Specially mentioning, Motown/R&B acted as one of the most popular music genres, which had importance in the Civil Rights Movement. The importance of this particular popular music genre could be determined based on the efforts made by the same in integrating American community during the