Hi Need To Submit A 2250 Words Paper On The Topic Effective Team Performance Dur

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Effective team performance. During the project, as the team progressed through its four development stages described by Tuckman’s model (Beyerlein and Johnson 2000) many problems and conflicts surfaced, not beyond expectations. Although problems addressed as the team developed more collaboration, communication and understanding of team objectives, these could have been avoided (Kayes 2004). During the project, engagement of group in different activities discussed helped developing a cohesive team.

This project report primarily aims to elaborate significance of reflection in learning and analyses transformation of experiences into learning process (Kolbs 1984). Also this report describes the process of development of a group into a team, associated problems, and narrates the key role of different concepts and theories.

Soon after group formation, I was skeptical about the group future, team development, team interactions and achievement of desired objectives. Beyerlein and Johnson (2000) view it as initial stage of team forming based on Bruce Tuckman Model where group members develop understanding among them. According to McManus (2000), teams exhibit a strong commitment, high degree of cohesiveness and accomplishment towards common goal than groups. Chaney and Lyden (2000) advocate teamwork for improvement in problem solving, decision-making and communications. During the initial stage of group formation, members were not focused towards team objectives rather were busy in their personal and social issue. Even they were neither in knowledge nor prepared for meetings agenda items. Team members being less organized and non-interactive were shy and reluctant to share knowledge and experience. These issues introduced hurdles in task completion, team development, cohesion and improving collaboration.