Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic A Visit To A Museum My Visit To

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic A Visit to a Museum.

My visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was a very memorable one for me. Upon entering the museum, I felt like I have entered the world of ancient times. The museum was well decorated and managed and all collections were placed for the visitors with a proper sequence. It was a nice classic concert in the museum the day we went there, so the experience was even more electrifying. We came across many pieces of artworks from modern and ancient times. We also saw many modern and contemporary artworks. I liked the Egyptian part (the reliefs and sculpture), the portrait of Mrs. John Pigott, and the picture of Pablo Picasso. I also liked the Urban Lights by Chris Burden.

What we liked the most in the museum was the way the artworks had been organized. We did not have any difficulty in finding collections from ancient or modern times as everything was organized with a proper sequence. Before visiting the museum, I always used to think about museums as a boring place where bundles of old works are placed. However, now my perceptions have changed. Now I feel that museums are not boring at all and they make a person go back to the world of ancient times where one can experience a pleasant feeling while exploring old artworks and testaments.

Summing it up, my visit to the museum was one of the best visiting experiences of my life. I can never forget my trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art because it created a new image of America in my mind, which was the image of a culturally diverse