Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Federal Guards Indicted For Abu

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Federal Guards Indicted for Abusing Prisoners.

The issue at hand needs to be clarified and all allegations evaluated. The first step towards doing this is gathering information. The information to gather relates to the issue at hand. The primary decision maker should be identified in the process. Both parties bound to the issue should be interviewed independently in order to ensure that the information at hand is actually the one held by both parties (Reid, 2011). All the views of the parties should be accounted for before and after the abuse occurred. The second step involves deciding the specific ethical issue and determining the conflict therein. This is tailored towards determining the liable party, legally and ethically. After that, the pertinent issue is addressed. Decisions on the pragmatic issues that make the case complex should be addressed. In this case, the entire prison system seems to be implicated in the matter. The complexity of the matter should be weighed against justice, rights, and freedoms of each party, and the right actions were taken prior to the provisions of the law (Reid, 2011).

The conclusion arrived at in this case is solely based on the ethics code of conduct for a prison system. The officers’ general standard of conduct should be evaluated ethically and legally. Secondly, applicable laws in this context should be assessed. Compliance with these laws is the principle point of consideration here. Thirdly, personal rights and freedoms should be highlighted for both all the parties involved in order to alleviate occurrences of conflict of interest. The restriction of each party should constitute the conclusion herein, focusing on both ethical and legal issues. Once all that has been done, the unethical conduct is manifested.