Houston spch1311 part 1, part 2 and part 3 exam latest


Part 1

Question 1

The statement, “Communication is a process” implies that

the function of communication seldom changes.

communication is ongoing and ever changing.

communication is best understood as a series of step-by-step actions.

communication is generally transmitted through electronic means.

social systems are merely contexts in which communication occurs.

Question 2

According to the text, the essential components of communication are

symbols, understanding, purpose, ideas, opinions, nonverbals, and reaction.

radio, television, Internet, symbols, and gender.

source/sender, message, interference, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, and context.

source, destination, interaction, and correlation.

symbols, understanding, communication, and communicant.

Question 3

Bailey notices that her typically soft-spoken movie theater supervisor has been yelling at her and several of her coworkers. She speculates that problems at home may be impacting her supervisor’s work relationships. This speculation best illustrates the principle that communication is