How to create a project organization chart to staff the project from OLLO

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one of the organizational structures from Ch. 7.

Create a project organization chart to staff the project from OLLO using the previously created WBS.

Complete the project organization chart using a presentation software such as Microsoft®PowerPoint® or Prezi, or Microsoft® Visio®.

Include a justification of approximately 175 words for each decision.

Identify optimal skill sets for each position. Then, develop six to ten interview questions that will assess each employee’s interest and ability in filling that position.

Include a summary of approximately 350 words in which you explain how the questions would help you choose the most qualified employees, considering technical and social skills.

Write approximately 700 words in which you describe the role of a project leader in making staffing decisions and how the project leader will ensure they are choosing the right individual for each position.

Combine the interview questions and summary, project organization chart, and summary into a cohesive report. This should be a single deliverable. It can either be an MS Word Document with embedded material or using MS Powerpoint/Prezi with the content above included in the notes section. I do not have a preference beyond combining all material into a single document.

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