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Communication is by far one of the most essential aspects of any business.  It is also the foundation for relationships, education, culture and humanity.  Because of the significance, maintaining consistent levels of communication in business is necessary for any business to be successful.  There are numerous types of communication in the business world.  Some are formal and informal, some are implied or direct, and some are directional.  Most organizations use a vertical form of communication, in which directives are relayed out from the head of the company, are then filtered down and processed through management, and are then performed or tasked by the workforce to complete.  Horizontal communication is based between similar groups of individuals within an organization to assist, organize, execute or perform a specific assignment.  Two employees working on an assembly line would use horizontal communication to convey important information regarding the assembly process.  Without the communication, the overall operation would cease to exist because the steps needed to complete the task would not be relayed, and could prevent the production process from manufacturing the product completely.  

Not all communication processes are equal.  Because of the abundant forms of technology and communication methods, relaying information can vary based on the audience, importance, urgency, and specification of the information.  Generally, people communicate in business through face to face conversation, telephone, email, video conference, computer or software program, and text.  All of which can be managed and utilized with smart technology and cell phones.  However, depending on the type of information, the dynamics of the work environment, and the safety and secrecy of the communication, non-verbal and physical communication can be used to decipher and communicate complex situations and pass information between groups just as effectively as an e-mail.  Police officers, military personnel, and professional athletes use this type of communication within their organizations to achieve positive results and meet objectives they were assigned.  

Having multiple forms and formats of communication is also vital to an organization’s success.  Establishing a strategy to better communicate with employees and consumers is another method to help boost the overall success of the business.  By taking the time to listen and communicate with employees, creating a dialogue or forums for consumers to give feedback and concerns for products and services, and inviting open door and formal/informal discussions between management and employees, will substantially help any business achieve goals they want to reach.  All of which strengthen communication throughout all aspects of a business and increases knowledge and information for businesses to learn from, which translates to efficiency, productivity, and better products that consumers will want to buy.