Hw stat | Mathematics homework help

download the attchment file and solve the following questions:

5.4.5(a, e), 5.4.6(a, d – use the table to respond), 10.3.3, 10.3.7* need Rsudio, 10.3.11*(use ds.10.3.13), 10.3.15, 10.4.3* needs R, 10.4.9.

notice that the second attcahment file is the R codes for problem 10.3.7.


some help with R:

5.4.5 – finding critical values from the chi-square distribution: 
qchisq(probability, df, lower.tail = F)
put the probability in first, then the degrees of freedom. lower.tail = F because we always want the right tail with a chi-square distribution.

5.4.6 – make sure you use the table to answer these (see assignment schedule)

10.3.7 – see last canvas message from me, I sent the code out. 

10.3.11 – I’ve been telling some of you to do this by hand (which is still my recommendation) because it will be good practice for the test. Use R to get the frequencies, then just calculate expected counts and chi-square statistic by hand. However, here is the code if some of you want to do it that way. Either way will receive credit for doing the problem. 
probs = c(.04, .06, .80, .06, .04)
chisq.test(chem$Frequency, p = probs)

10.4.3 – This one is asking for a test for independence. the chisq.test() can do this test, but the data needs to be in a certain format, and its not given to us in that format. There are ways to fix this, but for this one, I would just use R to get the two way contingency table, then calculate expected counts and chi-square statistic by hand.